• Barcelona

    Barcelona (along with the rest of Spain) was a gem hidden from the rest of the world under the dictatorship of General Franco who ruled between 1939 and his death in 1975. It only really came to the attention of the media after Barcelona won the privilege of hosting the 1992 Olympic Games. It was then that the architecture, style, culture and grace of this Catalan city took the world by storm. Prior to this, it had been an industrial area with a pleasant climate and well-kept secrets of its magnificence until it was unveiled to the world. Time spent in this splendid city will leave you contented and at the same time brimming with desire to return - again and again.

  • Venice from Brilliance of the Seas


    Billed as one of the most romantic cities on the globe, Venice is part of a group of 118 man-made islands built on closely stacked wooded piles made mostly from alder trees and separated by canals and linked by bridges. Formerly famed for its glass, lace and silk it’s a city of carnival, masks, architecture and most famous of all, the black gondola.

    An enchanting destination, Venice has kept abreast of change, welcoming over 1.7 million cruise ship visitors a year and there’s something there here for everybody. Oozing culture from every pore, you can visit galleries, museums, marble churches, and the great Doge’s palace or drink fine coffee on Piazza San Marco.

    Venice is a world in one city offering high-end merchandise, unique entertainment and it’s all easily accessible on foot, so pack your walking shoes and camera and prepare yourself for one of the most memorable sail-ins you’ll ever experience.

  • Unmistakably Florence , Italy

    Florence and Pisa

    Tuscany is a region in central Italy with a population of around 3.8 million and whose regional capital is Florence. Renowned for its magnificent landscapes, traditions, culture and history it is probably best known as the cradle of the Italian Renaissance. It boasts an average of 10 million visitors a year.

    Florence is awash with history. Meander down the picturesque medieval streets and make your way to the River Arno and across the famous Ponte Vecchio to experience a more modern side of this bustling city. Between Florence and Siena is the Chianti region, famous for production of its world-famous wine using the local sangiovese grape as decreed by Cosmio de Medici 111 in 1716.

  • Madeira


    Over 600 miles from mainland Europe and 300 from the African coast, Madeira is a lush, sub-tropical Portuguese island of two halves. The North-facing side is mainly wet, lush and green, while the South is dry and sunny. To even things out and make the south side inhabitable, an extensive network of irrigation canals were constructed by African slave labour.

    Today, Madeira and its capital city, Funchal welcome cruise ships all year round from all over the globe. A peace-loving nation, tourists have a wealth of ways to spend their time, be it a day trip or a full-blown vacation, you’ll never be short of something to keep you busy.

    Wicker, cork, embroidery, the flower festival or the most incredible firework display you’ll ever witness on New Year’s Eve, there’s something for everybody here. So kick off your shoes and make yourself at home.

  • Royal Caribbean Logo shines brightly in the night

    Jewel of the Seas, one of Royal Caribbeans 'Brilliance' class of ship seen here berthed in Stockholm, Sweeden during a Baltic cruise itinarary from Harwich UK 

  • One of the best known statues in the world

    This is the statue of David situated in Florence, Italy.

  • If you are going to get something wrong you may as well do it right

    Most cities try to hide their follies and disasters from the world's gaze but Pisa has done a 180 degree turn and made their greatest architectural folly the city's greatest attraction. 

  • The Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence, Italy.

    If you are looking for fine jewellery or that really special piece then this is the only place to shop during your visit to Florence.

  • Celebrity Silhouette

    The beautiful blue waters around the Caribbean island of St Maarten. The two ships in port are Celebrity Silhouette and Thompson Celebration.

  • Windstar and Oceana Cruises

    Its not very often that you are lucky enough to see two cruise ships that are so different together at the same time. Here we have one of Windstar Cruises classic sailing ships and in the background the ultra modern Ociana Cruises Regatta. 

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Barcelona Cruise Port

Barcelona Cruise Port

One of the Meds most modern cruise facilities

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